Colored Paper Bags with Handles (Different Type of Paper Stuff Bags)

The packaging industry is seeing a lot more interest in paper bags because they are an environmentally friendly option and because they can be customized a lot more than traditional plastic bags. Bags made of paper are reusable, give the brand more visibility, and not end up in landfills. Because colored paper bags with handles paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable, brands can demonstrate their environmental concern. There are different shapes and sizes of paper bags. All of them serve a different purpose. Listed below are some of the most common types of paper bags.

Paper Brown Kraft Bags

Kraft paper bags are among the most popular bags that are available. They are commonly found in supermarkets and department stores Brown Kraft paper is commonly used for these bags and is often reinforced with another sheet of paper at the bottom. These bags are not very durable. The bags, however, can be reused a couple of times before wearing out. Furthermore, Kraft paper bags can be easily recycled.

SOS Bags

The design of Stand-on-Shelf bags resembles that of brown Kraft paper bags. These bags, however, have a top handle and are more robust. SOS bags are frequently used for transporting packed food. Schoolchildren and office workers use them to carry lunch in addition to the wide range of colors. As a result, they are also good paper bag packaging solutions for gifting.

Pinch Bottom Bags

Paper bags with a pinch bottom are similar to envelopes. In addition to the tapered end, the other side is left open when filled. They are commonly used in bakeries. Additionally, pinch bottom bags have a grease-resistant interior lining, making them an ideal packaging solution for dry food products.

Merchandise Bags

Our quality and customizable merchandise bags are great for showcasing your products. Small and large retailers alike use these bags. Some online stores also ship products in merchandise bags. The bags are similar to envelopes in form. There are several colors available for the bags. Customization is possible by printing them.

Euro Tote

The Euro Tote is a more elegant lunch bag. Despite looking similar to SOS bags, the Euro tote has fancy handles, custom branding, and a variety of surface finishes. Although the euro tote is a paper bag, recycling it can be a bit difficult because of the use of plastic linings and metalized inks in some cases. Despite this, the bags are durable and can be reused numerous times, so they’re better than single-use plastic bags. Several large brands have switched from plastic bags to the Euro tote primarily because of the increased brand visibility they offer. Also, these bags can be used as a replacement for traditional gift packaging.

Bakery Bags

These paper bags are available in various shapes and sizes and are made of glassine or waxed paper. You can get them in the form of small L-folders that you can use to hold pretzels or cookies or in the form of an envelope that you can use to pack cookies. The lining keeps the cookies fresh.

Recycled Bags

The raw material for recycled bags is mostly recycled paper. In order to make paper, manufacturers use the wood pulp, which leads to deforestation. Recycled bags are made from pulp made from paper waste. Recycled paper is now as good as wood pulp paper due to new manufacturing techniques. Businesses can show that they care about the environment by using recyclable bags in all shapes and sizes.

Vogue Bags

Bags, a type of shopping bag most retailers use, is an example of recyclable bags. They are large and spacious and can be reused numerous times. In addition to being a good branding tool, these bags are also advantageous to manufacturers. The bags are also great for gift giving.