9 Types of Allergy That Can Be Fatal

allergies that are fatal

An allergic reaction occurs when our bodies treat a foreign body as though it were a pathogen. In other words, you eat something that is normally perfectly safe, let’s say a peanut, but your body treats it as though it is a serious virus. The result is that your heart rate increases, your breathing accelerates, […]

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8 Weight Loss Myths You Have Been Fooled To Believe

weight loss myths

Many people are looking for ways to shed weight, and it is not surprising that this need has evolved into an entire industry worth billions of dollars. However, it has also led to the development of scams and myths surrounding weight loss itself, and many people seem to agree with these false perceptions while wondering […]

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9 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight During Your Diet

why diet not working

It is common knowledge that reducing the amounts you eat will eventually lead to weight loss, which is why diets exist. They promise you that you will shed those annoying pounds, especially if you have been struggling for a while. However, sometimes those results you envisioned fail to happen because you step on the weighing […]

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9 Health Benefits of Steady State Cardio

benefits of steady state cardio

Workouts come in different forms and formats, depending on your personal needs and preferences. Certain exercises, for example, are designed to bring about a specific result for a part of your body – such as dumbbells for working on your biceps. How you approach these exercises also play a huge role in the kind of […]

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9 Healthy Benefits Of Having Turmeric In Your Diet

health benefits turmeric

Turmeric is an ancient spice that belongs to the same family as ginger. It has a bright golden colour and is a major ingredient in most Indian cuisines for making delicious curries and in the American mustard. Turmeric is a delicious and powerful herb used in traditional cultural remedies to treat certain ailments. It contains […]

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Running For Weight Loss – 9 Important Tips Before You Start

run to lose weight

Are you considering running for weight loss? It is one of the most effective practices that helps a lot of people lose weight. Running allows you to burn calories faster than other forms of exercises such as cycling or even swimming. Like any other form, you have to follow some useful guidelines to benefit from […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

coffee good for health

Do you start your morning with a hot cup of coffee? Many of us love coffee for its taste, but its health benefits go way beyond this aspect. Coffee is not only energizing for your body, but it also comes with a lot of health benefits. Though its impact remains a controversial topic, you can […]

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8 Risks When Weight Loss Becomes An Obsession

obsessed with dieting

Weight loss is a good thing but only in certain circumstances. You might start off wanting to shed extra pounds due to reasons such as health risks they pose, but it is not easy to see when it is becoming an obsession unless someone tells you or you notice changes in your behavior. For instance, […]

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Best Healthy and Natural Food Sources for Fatty Acids

salmon source of fatty acid

Many are the times when we select low-fat foods and avoid high-fat diets, we believe that fat is a dietary enemy that can increase the cholesterol levels in our bodies. We fail to realize that not all fats are bad. Some of them are healthy fats that we should incorporate in our diets. When we […]

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8 Unexpected And Nasty Side Effects Of Fat Burners

fat burner side effects

Excess weight is undesirable, and most of us look for quick ways to get rid of it. Some people end up turning to artificial fat burners to get fast results. We fail to understand that taking shortcuts can lead to harsh side effects. Artificial fat burners are risky and not safe. We will help you […]

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