Norcold RV Refrigerators

Norcold has been producing RV gas/electric absorption refrigerators since 1959. The company was purchased by Thetford Corporation in 1997 and continues to produce some of the quietest fridges in the industry.

The Polar Series features a Night Mode that reduces compressor and fan speed to conserve power and lower noise levels. The refrigerator also includes dual crisper drawers for vegetable storage.
Best-in-Class Refrigeration

If you’re looking for a large RV fridge, consider the Norcold side-by-side four door model with an ice maker. This refrigerator really looks and feels like a residential fridge and comes with some great features including two produce crisper drawers and a digital control panel.

It does take a little longer to cool than a compressor fridge and can’t be operated on a slope because the fridge will overwork itself. However, it is highly durable and energy efficient.

The Norcold Polar Series refrigerators are sleek, modern and feature taller door panels that provide a built-in look. They also have hidden hinges and recessed door handles.

Whether you want to save space in your RV or are just looking for something to keep your food fresh, Norcold has the refrigerator for you. These fridges are compact and can be used on both propane or electric power. They are also designed with an upgraded appearance that includes a large service panel at eye level.

Besides their durability, Norcold fridges are easy to troubleshoot. They are backed by a one-year warranty. If your refrigerator doesn’t cool correctly, first try resetting it. You may also need to ensure there is adequate ventilation or something isn’t blocking airflow.

If your refrigerator is leaking, it’s best to seek immediate service. A leaky refrigerator can cause damage to the interior and can even pose a fire hazard. It’s also important to inspect your fridge regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as a yellow powdery substance or the smell of ammonia. Having these problems can be very expensive and dangerous for your family’s safety.
Energy Efficiency

Compared to traditional gas absorption refrigerators, Norcold compressor fridges are far more energy-efficient. They use less watts in standby mode and less during the day when the compressor is running. They also use significantly less watts in the freezer than residential frost-free models.

They’re ideal for smaller RVs and work on 120V AC, LP gas, or 12V DC power. They include low-voltage battery protection and high ambient temperature shut down for safety.

When the fridge is running, a thermistor and igniter ensure that it operates correctly. Thermistors detect the internal temperature and signal the refrigerator’s control board to regulate the cooling cycle. Fridges with faulty thermistors and ignitors are less efficient and may not cool down as efficiently. Shelves and bins can help you organize your food and make it easier for air to circulate, allowing the fridge to function at its best. In addition, make sure the fridge is properly leveled. An unlevel RV fridge uses more energy because it has to work harder to cool the contents.

Whether you’re boondocking or using your RV for family vacations, you want to know your refrigerator is reliable. A Norcold fridge is durable and energy-efficient. However, like any fridge, it’s important to periodically check your cooling unit for corrosion and leaking. If you notice any of these signs, get it checked immediately.

A great feature of Norcold fridges is that they automatically switch to propane gas when you disconnect from shore power. This helps to prevent a potential fire.

Norcold is an established company that has been making RV refrigerators for a long time. Their products are durable, energy efficient and easy to use. They also offer straightforward troubleshooting tips so you can fix your fridge yourself. This way, you can enjoy your RV vacation without worrying about your fridge. This is what makes Norcold one of the most trusted refrigerator makers in the industry.norcold rv refrigerator