CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Early Years Education and Care

Whether you are looking to enter a new career path or further your skills within the one you are on, CACHE courses can help you achieve your goals. Their range of qualifications includes highly-regarded certificates, which can be used to boost your CV.

The NCFE CACHE level 3 Award in Childcare and Education RQF is designed for home study, so you can work around your commitments. It teaches you about child development from birth to age seven and how to meet a toddler’s physical and emotional needs.


When it comes to childcare, there are many different qualifications that you can take. You may want to pursue a vocational qualification that requires a placement, or you might prefer to gain a general level of qualification without a placement. We offer a number of CACHE courses that you can complete to achieve this, such as the Specialist Support for Teaching & Learning in Schools – CACHE Level 3 Course.

If you are looking for a career in the childcare industry, completing a CACHE course is an excellent way to start your journey. This qualification is recognised throughout the UK, and will help you build a strong foundation for your career. It teaches you everything about working with children, and will give you the skills to care for them effectively.

The NCFE CACHE Level 3 Award in Childcare and Education is a popular choice for learners who want to work with children. This qualification prepares you to deal with children from birth to 5 years, and will also provide knowledge of children up to age 7. The qualification teaches you a vast array of vital knowledge that is needed when working with children, and can help you secure a position in an early learning centre. You can also use this qualification as a pathway into further study, and you could progress to the Level 4 Certificate for the Early Years Advanced Practitioner or other higher level qualifications.


There are a number of courses available from NCFE CACHE, which are suitable for those looking to work as Teaching Assistants. The most relevant to this role are the Childcare – CACHE Level 3 Course, which is a one year programme that provides progression to a Diploma in Early Years Education and Care (Early Years Educator).

This qualification equips learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to deal with children from birth to age five as an Early Years Educator. The program also teaches learners about child development and learning theories, while also providing them with the practical skills needed to create a safe environment for young children.

Some of these courses will require students to complete a placement in an Early Learning Centre in order to pass the course. However, there are also a number of courses which do not require students to complete a placement in order to gain the qualification. The Support Work in Schools – CACHE Level 2 Award (RQF) Course, for example, is suitable for those who can’t arrange a placement but still want to find a job as a Teaching Assistant.

NCFE CACHE is a UK-based organisation that specialises in qualifications for the childcare sector. The organisation offers the latest qualifications for the RQF and works closely with Sector Skills Councils to provide a cutting edge service to customers, learners and the sector.


CACHE is an awarding organisation that offers a wide variety of qualifications. These include certificates and awards that can help you get a job in the healthcare or education profession. It also offers courses on general professional development. These courses are free of charge, and they cover topics like mental health awareness, equality and diversity, and behavior that challenges. The CACHE course also helps you learn about how to care for young children. This is an essential qualification if you want to work in a childcare or education setting.

The NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) is an ideal choice for anyone looking to start a career in childcare and education. It teaches you how to create safe and stimulating environments that will foster healthy child development. The course is available online and can be completed at your own pace. It is fully accredited and has international recognition. In addition, students who enroll on a CACHE course will become members of the CACHE Alumni network for two years.

CACHE is the UK’s only specialist awarding body for the child and adult care sectors. It works closely with Sector Skills Councils to provide a high-quality service to its customers, learners and the sector itself. Their qualifications are developed by subject specialists to ensure that students have the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their field. They are also designed to be easily transferable to other sectors, such as business or healthcare.


CACHE, now part of NCFE, is the UK’s only specialist awarding organisation for the Children and Adult Care sectors. Its portfolio of qualifications includes the most up to date and relevant qualifications for the new RQF and it works closely with Sector Skills Councils to ensure high quality and cutting edge service to its customers, learners and the sector itself. The CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Childcare and Education is a 1 year course and carries 84 (A* grade) UCAS points.Cache level 3 and Early learning centres