What is Steampunk Jewelry

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Steampunk is a style of jewelry that combines Victorian fashions, hardware, imagination and science fiction. It’s a fun and fascinating combination that works well together.

The key to Steampunk jewelry is using found objects. These can be anything from small metallic watch parts to skeleton keys, machine parts, war medals, metal game pieces or any other items that give the mad-scientist feel.


Steampunk is a style of jewelry that combines industrial and mechanical elements with a Victorian aesthetic. The Steampunk movement is rooted in science fiction books set during the Victorian era and the 1800s, and the style is inspired by a time period that was filled with beauty, discovery and new technology.

To create Steampunk-style jewelry, it is important to choose the right metals. Brass and copper are classic Steampunk metals, but iron and steel can also work.

Pewter is another popular metal for Steampunk jewelry. This metal is made from tin and mixed with other metals such as copper and antimony. It has a darkened silver appearance and is inexpensive.

Many Steampunk artists use upcycled materials in their designs, such as small watch parts, skeleton keys, machine parts and war medals. This gives the piece a time-traveling, mad-scientist vibe that ties it to the Steampunk movement.


Steampunk jewelry is inspired by the Victorian era and its mix of beauty and technology. It is a style that has a lot of fans in art, interior design and fashion.

Glass is used in a wide variety of Steampunk-style pieces. It can be a simple glass bead or an etched and faceted glass dome, and it can even be a mirror!

Stones are also popular for Steampunk-style jewelry. They can be agate, onyx, carnelian, jade, ruby, sapphire, garnet or jet.

One of the most fun things about making Steampunk-style jewelry is working with found objects. Whether it is a bunch of old watch parts, skeleton keys or metal game pieces, you will have a lot of fun incorporating these items into your jewelry designs.


Steampunk jewelry is all about the blending of arts, beauty and technology. Based on science-fiction writing that was set in Victorian England, Steampunk takes the romance and excitement of the Industrial Revolution and fuses it with the mad-scientist vibe that comes from the fictional world of time-travelers and mechanical gizmos.

Stones are an important component of steampunk jewelry because they help create the look and feel of the Victorian era. Jet, other rich stones and cameos can add an extra touch of glamour to your design.

You can find these materials at antique or thrift shops, craft stores or online. Use them to create one-of-a-kind designs that will complement your wardrobe or your Steampunk costume for a wedding, Halloween party or any other fancy event you attend.


Resin is used in steampunk jewelry to create one-of-a-kind pendants, rings and earrings. Its shine and beauty make it perfect for embellishing a wide range of materials, from metals to flowers, wood and beads.

Whether you want to add colorants or include inclusions like seeds or gems, resin is the ideal choice for your jewelry. It can be poured into plastic or silicone molds, a metal pendant frame called a bezel or a combination of the two.

If you’re using a mold, you should use a jewelry-grade casting resin or a doming resin designed to work in bezels. A doming resin produces a domed finish that self-levels to create a raised, curved surface that magnifies everything in the bezel.

Found Objects

Steampunk is a design aesthetic that combines Victorian era romance with technology and inventions from the Industrial Revolution. It’s a popular trend in jewelry, art, fashion, and science fiction writing.

Glass and stones are a common component of Steampunk jewelry, especially glass beads and etched and faceted glass domes. Stones like amethyst, opal, turquoise, freshwater pearls, carnelian, onyx, and coral are also popular choices.

Charms and cameos are another way to incorporate Steampunk-style elements into your jewelry. Queen Victoria was a huge fan of charms and collectible cameos, so you’ll see them often in Steampunk-style jewelry.

One of the most fun things about Steampunk-style jewelry is incorporating found objects, such as small metallic watch parts, skeleton keys, machine parts, war medals, metal game pieces, and more. Jean Campbell shows you step-by-step how to make Steampunk-style jewelry using these found objects in her video workshop Mixed Media: Making Steampunk-Style Jewelry.

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