Touch Bedside Lamps

Touch bedside lamps are a great idea if you’re looking for practicality, but they can also be really beautiful. They’re usually dimmable and have four settings – off, low, medium and high.

They’re ideal for bedrooms because they deliver directional light so you can read in bed without disturbing a partner, and they’re more likely to help you fall asleep naturally. They’re available in a variety of styles, and they look gorgeous on their own or as part of a pair.

1. Haitral Small Bedside Table Lamps

Bedside lamps are an essential part of any bedroom. They provide a handy source of light for reading and sleep, but they’re also an aesthetic element that elevates a room’s design style.

A bedside lamp should have an easy-to-reach on/off switch and, ideally, a light filtering shade. Forshew recommends selecting a style that “leans classic or minimal.”

Haitral’s small table lamp is a great choice for a nightstand or desk in a bedroom, living room, office, hotel room, or other space. Its log tripod base and fabric shade elevate the aesthetics of your home or room and bring a warm atmosphere into the space.

2. CB2 Pogo Cane Table Lamp

A touch bedside lamp lets you dim or brighten the illumination and choose from millions of color options to create the ambiance you want. You can also plug a charger into the base, so you’ll have plenty of power available when reading in bed or watching TV in your bedroom.

A traditional touch bedside lamp should fit seamlessly with your bedroom decor. Look for a metal base and light-filtering shade in a neutral hue that will go with both modern and traditional design schemes.

CB2’s Pogo Cane Table Lamp has a solid brass base that gives it a weight and an attractive patina, plus a center rod wrapped in natural cane and a crisp pleated linen shade. It’s a bit expensive, but you can count on it to last for years.

3. Novogratz x Globe Electric Richmond Lamp

A mid-century modern aesthetic meets contemporary design in the Novogratz x Globe Electric Richmond Lamp. It seamlessly blends organic curves with a functional form and features a white interior shade that reflects the light outwards, making it the ideal nightstand, desk, or side table light.

This modern task lighting also has a five-foot cord that allows you to place it wherever you need the most illumination without worrying about where your wall outlet is. And, if you’re looking to make it even smarter, you can automate it with a Globe Electric Smart bulb, which lets you create different lighting solutions using your phone.

4. Hugoai Smart LED Lamp

The Hugoai Smart LED Lamp is an Internet-connected, Wi-Fi enabled LED lamp that you can control with your smartphone. It offers tunable whites and 16 million vibrant RGB colors. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

It’s a perfect fit for bedrooms and dorm rooms. It’s easy to use and has a variety of light modes.

It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to allow you to control your bedroom lamp with voice. It adjusts from 3% to 100% bright, sets your table lamp from relaxing warm white to crisp natural white or changes the atmosphere of your room with your desired color – all by saying a command.

5. Pogo Cane Pull-Chain Light

A modern spin on the traditional pull-chain light, this CB2 piece by Studio Anansi flaunts a solid brass base with a center rod wrapped in natural cane and a crisp pleated linen shade. It’s a piece that will hold up well, as the brass patina will develop a deeper tone over time.

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For many homeowners, a bedside lamp is the most practical and functional fixture they’ll ever own. That’s why it’s important to choose a quality piece that will last for years to come. With that in mind, we spoke to interior designer Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors about what to look for when picking a nightstand lamp.