The Auto Cold Drawing Machine Is a Must-Have For Manufacturers and Fabricators

Cold drawing is a metal working process that reduces the diameter of a rod or bar. It also changes the shape of the cross section. It can increase the tensile strength of some solid solution strengthened alloys.

Our HS model is ideal for drawing metal bars and tubes with consideration in precision. It features a hydraulic push pointer that can be used to draw a variety of metal materials.

Fast and Efficient

The auto cold drawing machine is a must-have for manufacturers who need to draw out wire and tubing to a specific size. Its advanced technology streamlines the production process, allowing businesses to operate more efficiently and produce high-quality products.

The mathematical model of the drawing process implemented in the form of a program allows us to quickly and fairly accurately estimate the energy-power parameters of the process of drawing wire from different alloys. The formula for the dependence of hardening on cold work allows us to significantly improve the accuracy of estimating factors such as the ratio of drawing stress to the ultimate tensile strength and the drawing force.

The drawing block machinery is equipped with pneumatic braking systems and electrical motors that are specially prepared for the encoder system. The automation system is based on the latest version SIEMENS PLC and software PROFINET. The automation system controls the speed synchronization of dancer arms, cooling water temperatures and capstan drive group temperature.

Easy to Operate

HOREN’s HS model series is a fully automated cold drawing machine that streamlines the process. It features a hydraulic push pointer and a draw bench that can produce metal tubes and bars in a range of sizes, shapes, and specifications. This machine can be used for a wide variety of applications, including steel-to-metal connections and pre-stressed concrete stands.

One of the challenges in wire drawing is preventing snarls when succeeding blocks stop pulling. The accumulator block on the first drawing machine position is designed to provide extended running time in the event of an inlet snarl, but this configuration must be carefully balanced with spooler motor power.

A snarl may be caused by an inadequately sized capstan or by excessive dancer pressure from the previous block. A snarl can also be caused by uneven die wear, which causes the mandrel to pay off in an erratic way. In all these cases, a proper accumulation system is required to minimize stress on the wire and avoid snarls.

Easy to Maintain

Horenco’s new line of swaging, cold drawing and straightening machinery is designed to make the job of manufacturers and fabricators a whole lot easier. The machines are easy to operate and are packed with a variety of features that will help businesses save time and money.

Capstans used in drawing machines require special construction to endure the physical demands and harsh duty they are subjected to. Special bearings are used to accommodate the massive weight of the capstan and its rotation at high speeds. Motors are fabricated from specialized materials to withstand the high voltage spikes generated in AC drives, and special cooling is required for large systems.

Pointing is a critical function for drawing, and many draw machines utilize a machine that shaves or mills the point from rod coil feedstock (see Fig2 in FigZ14). This method of pointing avoids needless repointing of the rod after the payoff is complete, which can cut costs and improve productivity.


Horenco has created a new line of swaging, auto cold drawing and straightening machinery that can make the job of manufacturers and fabricators easier. The swaging machine is designed to reshape the end of a wire or tube so it can be connected to other parts, the cold drawing machine can draw metal down to a precise size and shape and the straightening machine will straighten out any kinks in the material.

All three machines are available now and can be purchased directly from the company’s website. Customers can find all the information they need about the different products including prices, shipping options and more. There is also a contact form on the site for anyone who has any questions about the machinery or would like a customized quote. The company is dedicated to making it easy for everyone to get their hands on top-quality equipment that will help them improve their work. This includes offering a variety of payment options including credit cards and PayPal.