Shell Necklace – A Deep Symbolism of Growth and Resilience

A Shell necklace carries a deep symbolism of growth and resilience for many wearers. The shells used can also carry specific meaning for the wearer based on the environment from where they were collected.

Traditionally shells have been worn in long single strands often up to 6 feet in length forming the popular puka shell necklace which is seen all over the world as the quintessential accessory for surfers and those who want to emulate the beachy style of a Hawaii vacation. During the 1960’s the puka shell necklace became a style of fashion that was worn by people from all over the world and still is today. Puka shells are a variety of the dove shell, Euplica varians and can be found in white as well as brown gold and blue and can have stripped or spotted patterns.

To better understand the history of the shell necklace researchers recently analyzed shells that were discovered in the Qafzeh Cave in Israel. The shells were found directly under human graves. Researchers found that the abrasions on the shells showed evidence of being hung together. The scientists also found traces of ochre smeared on four of the shells, which was typically used as an adhesive.

However despite the allure of the shell necklace, the act of collecting and using seashells for jewelry has a negative impact on marine ecosystems. Overzealous harvesting can disrupt the delicate balance of coastal habitats and contribute to a depletion of local shellfish populations. Shell necklace