Rent a Boat in Cartagena

Cartagena is the perfect place to rent a boat. The city is filled with stunning beaches and historic landmarks.

A typical day starts off early as you meet your captain at the dock. You will then hop on board and make your way out to the Rosario Islands.

Be sure to agree on prices before hand for lunch, drinks, or other things. It’s not uncommon for these people to overcharge tourists!

Cartagena’s tropical Caribbean location, gorgeous beaches, and 16th-century walled city provide visitors with the perfect setting for a day on the water. Cruise around the Rosario Islands, Baru, or Cholon on a boat rental to soak up some sun and see some of the best sights Cartagena has to offer.

Choose from a variety of boats ranging from private yachts for groups of up to 20 people to spacious catamarans and sailboats. Some boats also come equipped with a lounge area and on deck seating to relax, socialize, or dance the day away!

A popular excursion is to head out to Playa Blanca and spend a couple hours enjoying the famous sugar white beach. Here you can soak up some sun, snorkel in the crystal clear waters, and swim on one of Colombia’s most beautiful beaches.
Large Groups

Cartagena has a large number of boating companies that can offer trips for larger groups. Instead of haggling with pier vendors and risking getting overcharged, reserve with one of these companies and have guaranteed pricing, expert crews, and exclusive access.

A typical day out on the water begins at 9AM when you meet your captain at the dock. You’ll then head out to the Rosario Islands where you’ll spend time swimming and snorkeling around the crystal clear waters. After that, you’ll head to Cholon where you can party and relax.

This is a perfect experience for those looking to make the most out of their time in Cartagena. You’ll have a great time on and off the water while enjoying some of Cartagena’s most stunning attractions. Including Bocagrande, the 16th-century walled city, Isla Baru, and Cholon. You’ll also have the chance to soak up the Caribbean sunshine and enjoy the views of Cartagena from a different perspective.

Taking a skippered charter is an ideal way to experience Cartagena. It eliminates the need to haggle with local boat owners or rental agencies at the pier and guarantees you everything you’re booking is included in the price.

Skippered yachts, catamarans or powerboats are all available for a day (or multiple days) out on the water. Depending on your group size and budget you can choose between these options or go all out with an exclusive private yacht that sleeps up to 8 people.

The best time of year to charter a boat in Cartagena is December-March. During this time, temperatures are warm and the winds are perfect for exploring outstanding beaches and taking in stunning views from your sailboat.

The most luxurious way to tour Cartagena is on a private boat charter with a captain and crew at your disposal. This option grants you the freedom to picnic on pristine island beaches or remain onboard for a full-day escapade.

Whether you want to spend the day exploring the Rosario Islands or simply enjoy a cruise along the coast, this option is sure to exceed your expectations. Skippers are well equipped to navigate these waters and offer local knowledge of the best snorkeling spots.

During the peak season from December-March, sailing is at its most enjoyable. With warm temperatures and perfect winds, you’ll enjoy outstanding views and beautiful beaches while cruising along the coastline.Rent a Boat Cartagena