Moonstone Rings – A Symbol of Love and Devotion

Moonstone is known to enhance intuition and amplify feminine energy. It is also believed to synchronize lunar cycles with our own. It has also been associated with the subconscious, and many believe it is a natural sleep aid.

However, it is softer than diamond and is prone to scratches. For this reason, it is a good idea to remove the ring before using household detergents or chemicals.

It is a symbol of love

The moonstone is a symbol of love and devotion in many cultures. It is believed to enhance intuition and psychic powers, encourage self-love, and provide balance in relationships. It is also associated with feminine energy, fertility, and motherhood. Many people believe that moonstone has the power to heal a broken heart. It is often used in meditation to promote unconditional love for oneself and the universe.

When choosing a moonstone ring, it is important to choose one with good translucency and minimal inclusions. The best moonstones display a mesmerizing luster called adularescence, which looks like silvery white light reflecting off the ocean’s surface. If you want to experience this effect, look for a moonstone with a unique shape, such as a teardrop or oval. This shape is better suited for jewelry, and it will hide flaws in the stone’s surface.

In India, the moonstone is a popular wedding gift because it symbolizes passion and fidelity. It is also believed to help couples reconcile after fighting. It was once thought that you could read the future of your relationship by placing a moonstone in your mouth during the full moon. The stone is also associated with sex, and it is said to stimulate kundalini energy and eroticism. Some women even use thirteen moonstones to create a grid and place them around the bedroom.

It is a symbol of fidelity

Moonstone mesmerizes gem enthusiasts of all cultures with its enchanting, pearly iridescence. Its whimsical glint conceals powerful significance. Among other things, the luminous stone is believed to be the key to true love. According to some, if you hold a moonstone in your hand during a full moon and envision your future partner, the gem will help bring your dreams into reality.

Because of its romantic connotations, people often wear moonstone jewelry in hopes of finding their soul mate. The gemstone is also a symbol of fidelity and commitment. During the nineteenth century, moonstone became popular in sentimental Art Nouveau designs, and the craftsmen of the Arts and Crafts movement used it to create elegant, handmade silver pieces.

Moonstone is a soft stone and should be treated with care. It is prone to cuts and abrasions and can shatter if it comes into contact with rough surfaces or materials. Therefore, it is important to wear a protective ring with your moonstone jewelry.

Moonstone’s calming energies are perfect for meditation and will help you to relax, focus, and find balance. Place a piece of moonstone in the northwest region of your home or office to promote concentration, strength, and teamwork.

It is a symbol of friendship

If you’re looking for a gift that shows your friendship and commitment to someone special, a moonstone ring is the perfect choice. These rings have a delicate and feminine feel that will be cherished for generations to come. The stone is also associated with a sense of calm and can bring relief from emotional stress. In fact, it is often used as a protective gem.

Known for its silvery light, moonstone has many associations with the Moon, making it a popular gemstone among those born on Monday (Moon’s Day). It’s believed that this beautiful gem enhances intuition and self-acceptance. It is also known to inspire compassion and empathy. Its serene energy encourages healing, maternal protection, and creativity. Moreover, it is believed to help us connect with our intuition and psychic abilities.

In Hindu lore, moonstone is made of solidified moonbeams. It was believed that these moonbeams were scattered by the ocean tides every twenty-one years. In the Middle Ages, moonstone was used for scrying the future. It was a popular gemstone for women and was known as a lucky charm. It is also said that if a moonstone loses its luster, it means the owner is harboring resentment.

Moonstone is also considered a love charm, and many believe that it can help people find their soul mates. Some people even use moonstone as a wedding band to symbolize eternal love. To ensure that your moonstone ring retains its luster, always avoid using ultrasonic cleaners and store it separately from other jewelry. You should also remove it while doing greasy work, or while swimming or bathing.

It is a symbol of protection

A moonstone ring is considered a symbol of protection because it has been reputed to shield its wearer from all harm. It is also thought to bring good luck and help its wearer sleep better. It is also a popular choice for engagement rings. Moonstone is a soft gemstone and should be kept in a safe place when not being worn. It is vulnerable to scratches and can even crack if it hits against something hard or rough. Because of this, it is important to choose a metal that will add strength to the stone.

People have long associated moonstone with the Moon, making it a popular choice for people with lunar birthdays. It is also said to promote inner growth and strengthen the body’s natural rhythms. Moreover, it is believed to improve the mind and enhance intuition. It is also known to calm the emotions and soothe insomnia. People have also used it to reunite lovers who have quarreled.

The price of a moonstone ring can vary depending on several factors, including the size and color of the gem. Its transparency and rarity will also affect the price. In addition, the type of metal used to make the ring will have an effect on the overall cost. For example, silver is less expensive than gold. A ring with multiple stones will also be more costly than one with a single moonstone.