Instant Boiling Water Tap

By admin Sep 11, 2023

Boiling water taps connect to a small tank fitted underneath your sink and maintain hot water at a constant 98°C. They dispense boiling water when needed and are much more convenient than having to boil a kettle.

Look out for models with built-in filters that help prevent limescale and make your water taste better. They can also reduce your energy bills as you only use the amount of water required.

While a boiling tap may appear alarming at first, the fact is they’re actually exceptionally safe. They’re designed to only dispense water at a safe temperature, which is usually between 90 and 98 degrees. This is lower than the ideal boiling point of 100 degrees, but still much safer and more convenient than lifting a hot kettle.

Additionally, many boiling water taps are fitted with a safety catch that requires a push and twist to activate, making it more difficult for children to turn on accidentally. A red light also signals when the tap is producing boiling water, further reducing the risk of accidental scalding.

Boiling water taps can also be fitted with a filter which helps to remove impurities and reduce limescale build-up, keeping the tank and tap clean for longer. As a result, they typically require less maintenance than traditional kettles. A filtration replacement every six months is recommended for optimum performance.

A boiling water tap can make it quicker and easier to prepare drinks like tea & coffee, cook pasta or noodle dishes. They also eliminate the need for kettles and can free up space on your worktop.

Boiling water taps have a heavily insulated tank under the sink which holds water at a constant near boiling temperature. When you press the button to turn on the tap and twist the handle, the water is dispensed. When you release the handle, the water automatically stops and there is no chance of accidentally leaving it running and causing a scald.

Depending on the brand you choose, some models have a filtered water option which can purify your drinking water and reduce limescale build-up (especially important in hard water areas). They also tend to be less expensive to run than kettles.
Energy efficiency

Most boiling water taps rely on electricity to heat the tank of hot water so it’s ready when you want it. They also have insulated tanks which help conserve energy by stopping the heat from escaping. This means less energy is needed to maintain the temperature of the water, making it more eco-friendly than a kettle.

Most people overfill their kettles and boil far more than they need, resulting in water being wasted and unnecessary energy use. Boiling water taps allow you to dispense just the right amount of water, helping you save energy and money over time.

Many boiling water taps can be fitted with child safety features which make it difficult for children to turn the spout on and risk being scalded. Some, like Fahren UK’s models, also come with filtered hot water options, meaning no need for separate water filter jugs cluttering your worktop. A filtered option can also reduce the amount of limescale build up in your home and improve the taste of your tap water.

With an Instant boiling water tap, you can get near-boiling hot water directly from the tap. They come in different designs and colours with a variety of features for domestic and commercial use. They also offer a sleek look to your kitchen with a minimal finish.

They can be integrated into your sink or sit on a separate worktop to give you a versatile drink making area. Some are designed to have a compact boiler tank underneath them while others have a pressurised tank with an inbuilt pump.

They can be used for a range of purposes including brewing a cup of tea, sterilising baby bottles and cooking pasta. They are also great for washing fruit and veg as they are available with cold water or hot for blanching. This is especially useful if you grow your own produce and want to save time. They can also make a perfect companion to an induction hob for super-fast cooking.

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