Getting more live stream viewers on youtube is an important goal for many YouTube broadcasters. But how do you get more? There are several things to consider.

First, make sure your video is high-quality. This means good lighting and audio. Also, check your camera and microphone for bugs or shakiness.
1. Post on social media

If you have an existing audience from your regular vlogs, they may be interested in watching your live streams. Post about your upcoming stream in your vlogs, social media accounts, and other channels.

Create a teaser for your live stream using images, GIFs, clips, Tweets, or blog posts. Make sure to include a link for the streaming session, and a time and date of the event.

You can also pin your event to the top of your social media page, which will encourage people who visit your profile to watch it. Use a powerful title and description to entice viewers to click play. With a bit of planning and action, you can easily increase your live stream viewer count on YouTube. Good luck! And don’t forget to measure your results, so you can continuously improve.
2. Share on your website

Having a website where you can share your live streaming content is essential. By doing this, you can get more views. YouTube can also recommend your videos to users based on their interests and viewing habits.

You can promote your live video by changing the header or artwork of your channel homepage to let people know that you’re going live. This will make them feel more excited and eager to tune in.

Another great way to promote your live stream is by making teaser videos and tidbit trailers. Posting these on your social media channels and your website will attract more viewers.
3. Email your list

When it comes to gaining audience attention, quality is more important than quantity. If your live stream is informative, entertaining or both, it will help you grow your audience over time.

You can use retargeting ads to reach live stream attendees after the video ends. In addition, you can also ask for likes and shares during the stream to promote your content in other places.

Sharing a link to your upcoming live stream with your email subscribers is another effective way to get more viewers. Make sure to include the who, what, when, and why, and provide a compelling description of the event. You can even run a countdown to the broadcast to build excitement. But be careful not to spam their inboxes with frequent emails.
4. Post on forums

YouTube is a video storage platform that also offers live streaming capabilities. On average, viewers spend up to 20 times longer watching live video than on-demand videos. This is because people feel more connected to the content creator and can interact with them in real time.

Live streams can also expose your content to a broader audience beyond your subscriber base. YouTube may recommend your stream to viewers based on their interests or the types of videos they’ve already watched.

The key to increasing your stream viewers is providing value to your audience. This means providing valuable information that will make your viewers’ lives easier. You can do this by promoting your videos on social media, posting them on your website, and embedding them on Q&A forums.
5. Post on your blog

Whether you have a live stream scheduled or not, it’s important to promote the event to get viewers to show up. This can be done through social media, your website, and email sequences.

Scheduled streams can also be boosted by putting out teaser content in the days leading up to the event. This could include images, GIFs, or short clips. This type of content tends to be more shareable and has a higher chance of drawing in new viewers.

Another way to get viewers for your live stream is to monetize the video with pre-roll, mid-roll, or display ads. YouTube also allows you to retarget viewers who watched your live stream, helping you reach more of the right people. However, don’t focus too much on quantity over quality. Depending on the type of content you’re producing, thousands of views may not be to get live stream viewers on youtube

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