How To Change Flight United? (A Guide to Know)

In most cases, United Airlines passengers will not be charged a change fee if they change flights.There are times when you may need to change your United flight: You book it days, weeks, or months in advance, but something comes up, and you need to change it. It’s important to know the flight-change rules when that happens so you can take the next steps.

Regardless of whether you purchased your United Airlines flight with cash or miles, here are their policies and how to change them.

Changing Policy of United Flight

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United Change Policies for Basic Economy Fares

Tickets in the basic economy may be subject to a change fee, with some exceptions.

  • The cost of changing an international basic economy ticket issued prior to July 31, 2021, will not be charged.
  • Tickets for the basic economy are non-refundable and non-changeable.

The United flight change policy does not allow changes to basic economy tickets, but travelers can standby on the same day.

The United Airlines Standby Policy

United passengers can fly standby on flights departing within 24 hours of their booked travel without incurring a standby fee, no matter what type of ticket or service they purchased. It may be possible to actually confirm your seat for a different flight instead of just standing by:

  • Members of the MileagePlus elite status program, which is also called Premier status, can confirm a seat on the same day they purchase their original ticket. They don’t have to pay a fee if the new seat is in the same fare class. A fare difference may apply if no seats are available in the purchased fare class.
  • A seat on another flight may be available within 24 hours of the original departure time for non-Premier MileagePlus members and general nonmembers. A fare difference may apply even if the same fare class is available.

Is It Possible to Make a Change on The Day of Travel?

Yes, you can change your trip until the day of departure. Contact our customer service team, and we will do everything we can to help you. Is my travel date flexible? Yes, all customers are given a flexible travel date. For example, we can always move your travel date without penalty if you have a long stay at work or other commitments. Please note that this may result in a fee being applied. How do I get a voucher for my trip? You will receive a voucher via email when your booking is confirmed.

If you book with us online, you will receive a voucher link to complete your booking on the same page as your payment. If you book by phone, you will receive an email with a voucher link once your booking has been approved. How do I pay? We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Amex is not accepted on our U.S. flights. We also accept payments by cheque or bank transfer. Yes, you can change your trip until the day of departure. Simply contact our customer service team, and we will do everything we can to help you.