Funny Quotes to Brighten Up Your Day

Funny quotes are a great way to lighten up the conversation and make people laugh. Using humor in daily conversations is an important skill that can also help relieve stress.

Creating a line of funny quotes is a fun and easy way to bring more enjoyment into your life. Choose quotes that are not copyrighted or trademarked and use them on t-shirts in your print on demand shop.

Inspirational quotes can help boost your confidence, focus your energy, and inspire your next great accomplishment. These famous quotes and sayings by renowned thought leaders like Brene Brown, Steve Jobs, and other powerful individuals can give you the courage and motivation you need to pursue your goals.

But sometimes you need a little humor in your life to keep things light and bright, especially when it comes to goal-setting and overcoming challenges. Check out these funny inspirational quotes to laugh and get a good perspective on the daily grind. They make for great captions in custom cards or fun additions to personalized photo books.

Family is the most important thing in life. Even though they may drive you crazy, there is no one you’d rather be with than your loved ones.

Every family is a unique ensemble, a delightful fusion of characters residing together beneath the same roof. While their highs can be cherished and unforgettable, they also run the risk of being full of petty fights and unending drama.

Add these funny quotes about family to your cards, photo books, and other custom creations for a touch of lightheartedness. Whether you have a traditional, blended, or adopted family, these quotes will surely resonate with them. These can be used for a variety of occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
Best Friend

Whether you call them your best friend, BFF or BFFL, your true blue friends are always there for you. They know all of your inner most secrets and love you for who you are. Show them how much you appreciate their loyalty and support by sending them one of these heartwarming friendship quotes.

BFFs text each other all the time, meet up for movie marathons and celebrate special occasions together. If you want to show your BFF how much you care, send them one of these cute friendship quotes on their birthday or any day. They’re sure to make them smile! They look great on a card or paired with a chocolate dipped treat.

Whether you’re writing a card for your mom or dad, a bestie, or an old friend, birthday quotes are a great way to show them how much they mean to you. Add an inside joke or something personal only the two of you share to truly make them smirk and smile on their big day.

Whether you’re searching for a witty message for their card, a funny text to send them, or a quick quote to share on social media, we have you covered with our collection of birthday wishes. From short enough for a text message to long enough to make them double over with laughter, these humorous messages are sure to please.

Graduation is a milestone moment for the graduate, marking an end to a chapter in their life and the beginning of something new. Add some humor to their celebration with a few funny graduation quotes and wishes that will make them smile.

Whether they’re graduating high school, college, or the infamous Covid-19 pandemic, your friend or family member has a lot to be proud of. Laughing with the people who have been on this journey with them will help to put their accomplishment into perspective and look forward to the future.

Sometimes, even the most inspirational quotes need a little levity. These funny quotes are perfect for a quick laugh, and will definitely brighten up your day. From light-hearted jokes by celebrities to cute sayings about family life, these random quotes are sure to make you smile!

These hilarious quotes are perfect for adding to your personalized photo books. If you want to get a good laugh, check out these groan-worthy golf jokes or these food puns. Word nerds will love these clever thesaurus jokes and sleep jokes. These physics jokes are guaranteed to crack you up too! And for more chuckle worthy humor, don’t miss these witty Canadian jokes.