Electronic Warrants and Electronic Warrant Notifications

Electronic warrant are a great tool for law enforcement to use. They can help to reduce time and cost of warrant issuances and allow for better tracking of cases.

To ensure the validity of warrants, courts require that the affidavit contain information such as name, last known address, date of birth, race, height, weight, and any known aliases. The clerk of court enters this information and the name of the police department responsible for serving the warrant into a warrant management computer system.


CloudGavel® is the market-leading electronic warrant solution in the US. Developed by Fusionstak LLC, it allows officers to create warrants anytime from anywhere using any internet-capable device, and electronically transmit to the judge or DA for digital review and approval in minutes.

By reducing the time it takes to process and submit warrants, agencies can save officer work hours that can be used for more crime fighting activities. Agencies also see significant savings in fuel costs as they no longer have to drive to the courthouse or pay expensive travel and parking expenses to get a warrant approved.

Whether it’s saving fuel, increasing efficiencies, or helping ensure public safety, many CloudGavel users have seen great success in the way they conduct warrant processing. In fact, several agencies are cutting back on in-person warrant processing in favor of eWarrants.


eWarants can be used by law enforcement officers to quickly generate warrants in the field. They can also provide real-time access to warrants that are issued in other jurisdictions.

Stocks are easy to buy, sell and trade, and they can be a great way for investors to build wealth. However, there are other financial derivatives that offer more leverage and potential gains than traditional stocks.

For example, stock warrants are a type of option that gives investors the right to buy shares of a company’s stock at a certain price within a specified time period. This is a great way to gain exposure to stocks with hot catalysts, like IPOs or major news releases.

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eNotifications help primary care providers respond to hospital visits and in-patient admissions more quickly and effectively. Patients benefit by receiving faster follow-up care and clinicians improve their ability to meet the Ministry of Health’s guideline for timely follow-up with patients within seven days of discharge.

In the first three months of implementation 100% of notifications sent from Michael Garron Hospital to the South East Toronto Family Health Team were reviewed by the family physician and a follow-up action was determined. Similarly, eNotifications helped clinicians to meet the ministry’s follow-up recommendation for complex patients.

Data obtained through electronic warrants includes names, addresses, phone numbers, and a range of other information, including the contents of email messages. Data about digital property, such as cell phones and computer hard drives, is also investigated by law enforcement agencies, even when the target is not immediately notified.


If a police officer believes there is sufficient evidence (called probable cause) to make an arrest, he may ask the court for an electronic warrant. If the judge accepts the warrant, you will be arrested and taken to the nearest police station or custody facility.

During your arrest, you may be asked to answer questions about yourself and the crime you are accused of committing. You should be told your rights and given the chance to have a lawyer present.

Your right to a lawyer is a fundamental one in every stage of criminal proceedings. If you do not have a lawyer, the court must tell you how to find one and give you time to get it.

You also have the right to telephone your lawyer or call a relative before you are arrested. You should also be told of your right to an inventory and the right to be given a receipt for any personal property or money that was unlawfully taken.