Custom Branded Games

Custom branded games are interactive marketing campaigns that leverage proven gaming principles. They can be developed quickly, and deployed instantly via smartphone, tablet or desktop browsers. Depending on your business objectives, they can focus on increasing brand awareness, building customer loyalty or creating sales leads (lead generation).

Game-based engagement is a powerful tool for brand promotion and product sampling. It helps your brand stand out from traditional advertising and offers an engaging experience for customers. Branded games can be played on mobile devices or on a computer, leveraging HTML5 technology that runs seamlessly on all devices. They are typically short and highly engaging to match the increasing attention spans of modern consumers.

A branded game can include various types of interactive challenges, prizes and rewards to motivate participants to engage with your brand. Prizes can be in the form of discounts, free products, exclusive merchandise or gift cards. You can also tailor the rules and mechanics of a branded game to align with your marketing goals and target audience.

Whether you are a sports apparel store promoting active wear to football fans, or a furniture company looking for ways to draw in prospective buyers to your trade show booth, there is a branded game that will suit your needs. Adding social sharing features to your branded game increases online visibility and allows you to capture data on the success of your campaign, such as the number of participants and their high scores.Custom branded games