Celebrating Dorchester Carers

The Carers gathered to celebrate their efforts at an event at Dorset Museum. The day highlighted the latest data on registered unpaid carers and our progress to make Dorset a carer-friendly county.

Live in care gives you the opportunity to have highly personalised care at home reflecting choices, wishes and social preferences, at a cost far less than a care home. Meet Jo, one of our wonderful live in care carers.
Unpaid Carers Celebrate

Unpaid carers make huge sacrifices, putting their own lives on hold to care for a loved one. They deserve to be celebrated for all they do. Your gift could help them treat themselves to a night out – enjoying a delicious meal, entertainment and some time with fellow carers.

Carers Week aims to raise awareness of the plight of unpaid carers and to highlight the incredible contribution they make to UK society. It focuses attention on the fact that there are nearly a million unpaid carers in the UK and celebrates their achievements.

CSCN brought together senior Civil Service leaders to celebrate the commitment of those who support a colleague with caring responsibilities. The event highlighted the excellent work that is being done and reinforced the need to continue to create a workplace where people with caring responsibilities are supported and empowered to thrive.
Foster Carers and Supported Lodgings Carers Award Ceremony

During Foster Care Fortnight Hull Fostering invited their long serving foster carers and supported lodgings carers to a celebratory event where their stories were read out in front of a room full of people who have made a huge difference to the lives of children in care in the city.

The evening’s highlights included an award for Chloe, who has been in the care of her foster parents since she was three months old. Chloe’s determination to succeed has not wavered as she passed her GCSEs and has now started college with the aim of going to university.

The other award winners were Diane and Peter Cade who won the ‘supporting a young person through difficult times’ category. The couple began as Short Break carers and have now become professional foster carers providing two long term placements. In their spare time they run workshops to help other foster carers and support sibling connections and permanency.
First ever Carers Dorset Festival

Carers are friends, neighbours and family members who provide help and support to someone else who could not manage without them from providing personal care like washing and dressing through to providing practical support such as shopping. There are an estimated 80,000 unpaid carers across Dorset and a large number of organisations that can help them.

The first ever Carers Dorset Festival is taking place on Thursday 25 November (national Carers Rights Day). It is a series of free bite-size information events and inspirational talks which can be watched online. Two face to face events are also taking place at Dorset Museum featuring Radio 2’s Johnnie Walker and his wife Tiggy, co-patrons of Carers UK, and at Kinson Community Centre in Bournemouth.

During the onsite sessions and interviews with people with lived experience, it was clear that some carers felt that they were not being heard. The peer team recommends that Dorset consider external support for coproduction from either SCIE or Think Local Act Personal to enable more opportunities for carers to be involved in broader decisions about services provision and strategy.
Meet Jo

Jo is a competitive and strategic player who loves to win. She is power-hungry and will sabotage anyone in her path to victory. She also thinks she is better than everyone else and often looks down on her teammates.

During the Truth or Laser Shark challenge, she competes with Brick over who did a longer morning drill. She insults him when he claims that his five kilometer run was harder, and snaps a twig at him, earning a splinter.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, she is the first second generation contestant to reach the forest, and she tells Scott to stay away. When she catches up to Cameron, she taunts him about how long it took him to finish his project. She then flings him at the last mine, helping her team win the challenge. Jo’s harsh personality makes her an unpopular player. However, she is still a great friend and will always look after her friends.Dorchester Carers