Best Workout Apps

The best workout app helps you reach your fitness goals. Its routines are audio-only, with trainers who unobtrusively interject to keep you motivated.

The free app features trainer demos and manageable seven-minute workouts. It also supports Under Armour Connected shoes and lets you download sessions for offline use.

The all-in-one workout app has a rest timer, interval timer, body measurement log, and support for supersets. Its UI could do with a redesign.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club (NTC) app helps people enjoy and stay motivated in their fitness journey. It has a huge workout library and an insightful tracking system that makes it easy to see progress. It also offers workout buddies for people who thrive on a team effort.

NTC starts with a quick and simple setup process, which asks only 3 questions about the user’s experience level and fitness goals. It then selects a few initial workouts to get you started.

Each workout comes with detailed instructions and helpful demonstration videos. It also includes a warm-up and cool-down segment. If you have a limited time to exercise, NTC has several shorter workout plans, including stretches and HIIT exercises. These workouts require no equipment and can be done in under 30 minutes. NTC also has a section dedicated to nutrition and wellness advice. It also provides informative articles and recipes for those looking to expand their knowledge.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a slick platform that allows users to stream studio-quality workout videos on-demand. The app offers a variety of programs, including dance, yoga, running, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and weight loss exercises. Each program is designed by a qualified trainer and includes instructions through audio cues.

The app’s HD video presentations are another standout feature, with crisp audio instruction and cinematic demonstrations. The platform also provides users with a variety of functionalities such as favourites and casting, as well as the ability to search by exercise and time.

The app is a great option for those looking to get started with home workouts. However, it should be noted that users will still need to put in the effort and maintain a high level of motivation to achieve results from any fitness app. Moreover, the app does not track food intake, which is an important element in any weight loss plan. This could be a turn-off for some.


JEFIT is a workout app that offers both a workout tracker and a database of exercises and training programs. The app hosts a ton of options but more is not always better as some of the pre-designed workout programs seem ineffective or even dangerous.

The JEFIT exercise library allows users to choose from an extensive list of exercises and view detailed instructions on how to perform each one. This feature comes in handy for those who want to learn new moves or build up their knowledge of basic ones.

The JEFIT app also provides a community following that includes millions of gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts from different backgrounds and levels of experience. The community offers a variety of motivational posts, tips, and advice that can help users stay on track with their fitness goals. The free version of JEFIT has ads, but users can upgrade to the premium app for a more ad-free experience. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.


Aaptiv is a workout app that includes trainers for outdoor running, treadmill, elliptical, rowing, barbells, yoga, and more. The app also has specialty programs to help people train for marathons, get back into a gym routine after a maternity leave, or lose weight. The app also offers Team Aaptiv, an in-house community that encourages and motivates members.

The workout app offers a free 7-day trial and monthly or yearly membership options. Users can create a profile with personal details and choose a fitness goal. Once they do, the app creates a personalized training program. The user can then track their progress and performance.

Aaptiv’s audio-only format makes it easy to use on the go, especially when wifi is weak. However, beginners may have trouble with the app if they don’t have an understanding of how to perform certain exercises. The app has added a video component to some programs, including strength training, Pilates, and yoga, to provide form tips for beginners.