8 Unexpected And Nasty Side Effects Of Fat Burners

Excess weight is undesirable, and most of us look for quick ways to get rid of it. Some people end up turning to artificial fat burners to get fast results. We fail to understand that taking shortcuts can lead to harsh side effects.

Artificial fat burners are risky and not safe. We will help you understand why you should stop relying on them and give you better weight loss solutions. For you to understand the risks involved, you must first know what they are and how they work.

What Are Fat Burners And How Do They Operate?

fat burner side effects

Obesity is a global problem affecting many people due to unhealthy lifestyles. While some people turn to crash diets in an attempt to lose weight, others look for drugs that can fasten the process.

This is what has led to the emergence and spread of fat burners. They are a blend of stimulants and herbs that can help one burn calories fast.

People also refer to them as thermogenic. They work by increasing your body temperature and suppressing your appetite.

A lot of fat burners contain ephedrine which is a Chinese herb that has adverse side effects and addictive qualities.

Though such fat burners can help you shed weight fast, they can cause undesirable effects and affect your health negatively.

A fat burner reduces your appetite by manipulating the chemicals and hormones in your body to send signals to your brain. The brain interprets these signals and prevents you from feeling hungry.

Fat burners can also manipulate the serotonin uptake to prevent you from overeating. Though you may lose weight from the process, you may start experiencing nervous feelings.

They also act as fat blockers. Some manufacturers of fat burners include chitosan in them. This substance binds itself to the fat in foods to prevent your body from absorbing them. Though they inhibit the absorption of fat in your body, they also block the body from receiving vital nutrients causing a deficiency.

This fat also remains in your stomach causing problems such as diarrhea, pain or even anal leakage.

Fat burners also help you lose weight by raising your metabolic rate. They increase the rate at which nutrients get broken down to produce energy.

The problem with these fat burners is that they increase your metabolism due to the effect of stimulants such as caffeine in them. Overdependence on them makes them ineffective due to the stimulants.

What Are The Side Effects Of Fat Burners?

Though fat burners are a quick solution to losing weight, they cause different side effects. These effects may differ in people depending on how strong or weak your immunity is. The side effects include:


Fat burners are known to raise the level of cortisol in the body. This is the stress hormone that affects anxiety levels. If you have an anxiety disorder and take a fat burner, it can get worse.

Pills such as ephedrine can accelerate anxiety if you take high doses. Some people experience depression, palpitations, and anxiety from taking fat burners.


insomnia fat burner

The stimulants in fat burners can affect your sleeping patterns negatively. They also elevate your heart rate which can prevent you from sleeping for hours. The lack of good quality sleep has a negative impact on your immune system and makes you prone to ailments such as flu.

It also causes fatigue and the lack of attention during the day.

Increase In Blood Pressure

These pills also increase your body temperature. They speed up your metabolism and force your body to burn fat faster than it should. This can raise your blood pressure since your body is not used to the abrupt changes.

It can also reduce the circulation of blood and nutrients to all your body organs and affect your heart rate. By taking fat burners, you overwhelm your body and force it to function abnormally.

Other Mental Effects

Some people suffer from emotional issues such as irritability and moods swings from consuming fat burners. Others get aggressive, emotional or nervous from the pill.

Overdependence on the pills can lead to confusion and cause self-harm in some individuals. It can affect the way you relate with others and the quality of your life.


The compounds in some fat burners can also cause dehydration. For instance, high amounts of caffeine in the pill makes it draw water from your body especially if you don’t take a lot of water.

Being dehydrated from taking the pills can cause other severe conditions such as digestive disorders, skin disorders, and kidney problems.

It also makes your arteries and veins tense, leading to thicker blood that exposes you to hypertension.

Most people also take fat burners alongside a workout program. This increases the chances of getting dehydrated through sweating and can make you faint during your session.

It may also lead to migraines.

Stomach Problems

Fat burners reduce the content of vitamin in your body exposing you to health complications such as stomach issues. You may experience both diarrhea and constipation from the pills since they affect your metabolism.

Some people also have problems controlling their bowel movements. The stool may start becoming oily, or you may suffer from flatulence. Stomach ache and nausea are also common from taking fat burners.


Most users of fat burners report that they always feel cold even when the temperature is normal. This comes from changes in body hormones and metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate gets low from rapid weight loss in an attempt to conserve energy. Your body lacks sufficient calories to ensure that it remains warm.

Losing weight from fat burners also means that you don’t have fat anymore to act as an insulator against the cold. The lack of an extra layer of fat makes your skin sensitive to any temperature changes.


The worst-case scenario is death. Pills such as ephedrine have a lot of risks on human health. The FDA disapproves such fat burners due to the chemicals in them that expose you to heart failure.

How Can You Prevent These Side Effects?

It is evident that artificial fat burners are not safe to use. You should not take anything that puts your health at risk for the sake of losing weight. Instead, choose natural fat burners that come in the form of food or fat burners that are made of natural ingredients like Ultra Omega Burn which is made from pure Omega 7 fatty acid.

By taking natural burners, you don’t expose your body to harsh side effects. They help you speed up metabolism naturally while preventing you from diseases.

For instance, green tea contains antioxidants which keep your heart safe from complications as you lose weight.


Grapefruits can regulate your insulin levels while pears have fiber that suppresses your appetite. The fiber in the fruit also prevents you from stomach disorders and helps you not to overeat.


Not all fat burners are made equal. Some work better than others while some are just outright harmful.

It is your responsibility as a consumer to understand what you are buying and if the supplement will be putting your body at risk. This article might have posed a grim picture about fat burners but it serves as a good reminder that such products can be a double edged sword.

Take it slow, maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost your immune system. If you are already a victim of the above side effects, talk to a doctor and get help immediately.

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