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Running For Weight Loss – 9 Important Tips Before You Start

run to lose weight

Are you considering running for weight loss? It is one of the most effective practices that helps a lot of people lose weight. Running allows you to burn calories faster than other forms of exercises such as cycling or even swimming. Like any other form, you have to follow some useful guidelines to benefit from the practice.

Running can only be effective if you make some few adjustments in your lifestyle. Some people restrict their calorie intake to try and lose weight. Though this strategy can work, it makes you lose both fat and muscle. Running, on the other hand, can help you preserve muscle mass as you lose excess fat.

By knowing the practical techniques of running for weight loss, you prevent yourself from making common mistakes. Today, we will share useful tips that you should know before you start running. These will help you run effectively and see changes in your weight after some time. Read on!

1. Establish your goal weight

Specific goals in life keep us motivated to work hard so that we can achieve them. This principle applies in everything including running for weight loss. Know your current weight and set a target weight that you would like to achieve from running.

Feel free to take your body measurements using an accurate scale. Invest in tape measure or a weighing scale so that you can use them to monitor your progress. A tape measure helps you to measure body fat on specific areas such as your belly, hips, and bust. Record your current measurements in a journal before you start running so that you can work hard to achieve your goal weight.

Remember that weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint. Don’t obsess over losing weight and it will happen.

2. Practice healthy eating

No matter how vigorous running is, it may not be useful if you stick to unhealthy foods. Running for weight loss involves a change in diet. For you to lose some pounds, you should burn more calories than you consume. Most people make the mistake of eating more after running to try and compensate for the lost calories.

Try to choose small portions of foods and eat healthy meals such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Track how many calories you consume and work on reducing them. You can use a calorie calculator to help you balance your calorie intake. By eating healthy foods, you can suppress your appetite and prevent yourself from overfeeding.

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3. Get the right items

Running requires specific items to increase comfort and safety. Look for good sneakers and a running watch. For the ladies, you need a good sports bra since the regular bras are not suitable for running.

Get a heavy sweater if you intend to run in the morning to prevent your chest from the cold. You also need a water bottle to remain hydrated.

4. Work on your mindset

The mindset plays a significant role in how you run with the intention of losing weight. Instead of taking running as a chore, take it as a reward that is beneficial to your life. Learn to enjoy running so that you can look forward to it.

5. Consider running on a treadmill

A treadmill is a good place to start since it is both safe and convenient. It helps you build confidence in running for weight loss before you begin practising outdoors. With this machine, you can develop a healthy running routine to help you burn calories fast.

Start by warming up then cool down. A slow jog that lasts for at least five minutes will help your body warm up. Remember to cool down to prevent dizziness on the machine. Use the treadmill to work the upper body. Do not forget to look straight when running on a treadmill.

6. Begin on the right foot

If you are new to this practice, you have to start it correctly so that you stay motivated to run every day. Gradual running can reduce your risk of suffering from a running injury and boost results. You can start by walking or jogging during the first week. Walking does not exert a lot of pressure on your bones when you are a beginner. It stimulates adaptation in your body so that you can make it resilient and prepare it for intense practice.

On the second week, you can mix walking and running until your body is comfortable with running without stopping. Try to increase the distance that you cover gradually. Every week, cover an extra distance from what you did the previous week. Adding the miles makes your body strong and increases endurance. Be careful not to overdo it since it can lead to severe soreness.

7. Maintain a training schedule

Just as you plan for every other daily activity, you should come up with a program for running. It can keep you motivated and prevent you from skipping or postponing your workout. Each run should build on the next, and a schedule helps you remain focused to achieve your weight loss goals. For instance, you can start with running a mile for the first four weeks. Join other runners in your neighborhood or participate in a running club.

8. Consistency

To lose weight from running, you must remain consistent in practice. If you don’t have time to follow a specific schedule, you must still ensure that you are running regularly. It is impossible to lose weight from running once a week. Run at least four days in a week and rest for the remaining days. It is a practice that needs a lot of discipline and self-drive to achieve your goals.

9. Challenge yourself

Add more activities in your running routine to challenge your body. When your body gets used to repetitive actions, you may fail to notice progress. You should, therefore, challenge yourself by incorporating practices such as interval training. This allows you to maximize the speed at a short duration.

Speed over a short period helps you burn calories fast. It can also help you increase muscle mass. Strength training and running are also useful in weight loss.

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