Philo Vs Sling – Which is Better & What’s The Difference

By admin Dec 5, 2021
philo vs slingphilo vs sling

Sling and Philo both offer live TV packages at an affordable price, but the two services differ somewhat in some fundamental ways. It is possible to determine which service is best for a household or individual based on the price, channel lineup, and general experience.

Since Philo launched its first-ever live streaming service in 2017, it has been around for a few years. Philo has been focusing on being an affordable solution from the beginning. This approach has impacted the channel lineup to some extent and has affected the ability to customize a plan, but Philo remains extremely competitive when it comes to price.

One of the oldest live TV streaming services around, TV launched its first live TV service even earlier, in 2015. As with Philo, Sling has also focused on price, offering the channels consumers want the most while reducing the number of channels overall. Subscribers to Sling TV, as opposed to Philo, have a ton more options when it comes to customizing their experience if they are willing to pay more.

Philo Vs. Sling TV – Which Is Better?

When it comes to channel variety and apps, Sling TV has a bigger advantage over Philo at the moment. However, as Philo matures, this may change. It is entirely possible that Philo’s new social network will be a flop.

Philo, on the other hand, maybe a better choice depending on how and why you watch TV.

  1. Do You Enjoy Reality TV?

Philo may be right up your alley if you enjoy watching reality shows. Cutting the cord will allow you to keep watching many of your favourite shows.

  1. Do You Enjoy Watching Sports?

Sports lovers should choose Sling TV if they can’t live without it. Aside from that, Philo does not have any of the “big four” American broadcast networks. It might make more sense for you to go with Philo if you don’t watch any sports whatsoever.

  1. What Is the Size of Your Family?

There is a “one stream at a time” limit on all Sling TV Orange channels, which is a serious downfall, especially if your family will share your account. It will continue to add new social features including the ability to stream all of Philo’s channels at once to up to three devices. Sling TV also offers better recording features than Philo.

The Difference Between Philo & Sling Tv:

Sling TV and Philo both offer streamers live network TV channels for a monthly subscription fee. It’s kind of like cable, except you stream online – and it’s cheaper!

Philo TV differs from Sling TV by offering low prices – but it does so by eliminating sports and news. They offer entertainment channels for an affordable price.

The basic bundle for Sling TV is also quite small, although Sling TV offers extensive channel customization options. Additional channel bundles are available from Sling TV. In addition to more device support than Philo, Sling is compatible with more devices.

  • What You Can Watch – Philo vs. Sling TV:

There are plenty of entertainment channels available on Philo’s live TV streams. Sports and cable news channels are not available.

There are many cable networks offered by Sling TV, including sports and news channels such as FS1, ESPN, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News. These channels are not available in Philo.

In addition to Sling TV, you are also able to subscribe to add-on channel bundles and subscriptions. The bundles are more customized than Philo’s.

There are no top broadcast networks like NBC, ABC, Fox, or CBS on Philo. The same can be said of Sling TV, which does provide local streams of Fox and NBC in some markets (you should check Sling TV’s website to see what’s available in your area).

Philo has Epix and STARZ, which are premium channels. With Sling TV’s add-on packages, you can access both these channels and Showtime as well.

  • How Do You Decide? – Philo vs. Sling TV:

Philo is the best choice if your primary concern is your budget. The Sling TV add-on system makes it easy to get the channels you want without paying for channels you won’t watch. Sling TV carries a variety of news and sports channels.

The best stream family want you and your family is Sling TV. Sling TV functions on a wider range of streaming devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, but Philo works on fewer devices.

Philo might be your best option if you desire a slick and simple user experience. Despite our mostly positive review of Sling TV, some people are confused about the service. The user experience with Philo is clearly superior, and we think it’s easy to use for viewers of all ages and levels of computer proficiency.

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