9 Ways to Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateau

overcome weight loss plateau

What is a weight loss plateau? This condition is one of the most discouraging and frustrating things for people who have been dieting and working out for several months. They get stuck with their current weight despite their extreme efforts. When this happens, their bodies cannot lose more weight.

Our bodies are very adaptable and smart when it comes to working out. As you become stronger, your calorie-burner also gets more efficient. Your body adjusts every time you lose weight. Therefore, some people experienced this condition and get into a weight loss plateau.

Based on research, if you are successful in losing weight, you will probably reach a plateau at some point. This condition does not mean that you are not diligent in your diet and fitness habits. So, if you are trying to lose weight and have hit this situation, do not panic since it commonly happens to almost everyone. With a proper and balanced diet, you are sure to get back on track again.

7 Diet Tricks to Break the Plateau

Thankfully, there are several effective ways on how to boost your metabolism again. In this article, you will learn different strategies on how to overcome a plateau.

1. Reduce your carb-consumption

If you want to maintain your weight during your plateau season, it may be best to lower to carb intake. You must avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates like bread and pasta. Studies have shown that a low-carb diet can reduce your appetite and will help you eat fewer calories. However, please be reminded that “low-carb” junk foods are still a bad choice. You should always rely on real and unprocessed foods to maintain good health.

2. Increase exercise or workout intensity

Kicking up your workout intensity can burn your calories faster. As your metabolism slows down, your body requires a stronger training. Once you rev up your workout regimen, your body will promote the retention of muscle mass.

In a 12-week study, people who continuously followed a strict low-calorie diet with intense weight lifting experienced an average loss of 13 pounds and 5 centimeters from their waistlines.

There are tons of physical activities that can help you fight a metabolic slowdown. You may ask a professional gym trainer regarding the training that will work for you. You can also try adding two extra days for your workouts per week to increase the intensity of your metabolic rate.

3. Learn to manage stress

Studies have shown that stress management strategies can help anyone to lose weight again. Some people eat whatever they crave when they are stressed and start to hit their plateaus. This comfort eating that triggers their craving increases the production of their cortisol in the body. Cortisol is also known as “stress hormone.” These hormones make it harder for people to lose weight. Therefore, experts consider stress-management programs as an essential factor in promoting weight loss.

4. Eat more greens

Nowadays, most people do not eat enough vegetables regularly. They do not know that these greens have low calories that can still give them enough energy for the entire day. Honestly, experts have come up with evidence that eating more vegetables controls the body to gain weight and reach obesity. These healthy foods can also lower the risk of getting several diseases.

Moreover, people who eat vegetables regularly have a lower risk of overeating, especially with foods that contain few nutrients.

5. Take a weight loss supplement

This might be taboo to some but weight loss supplements can help restart your weight loss engines. There have been instances where such products can actually cost most harm than good. So make sure that you understand what the active ingredients are and do some research. It’s also good to take a natural weight loss supplement like Ultra Omega Burn than a synthetic one.

6. Avoid alcohol

Even if alcohol contains few calories, it still does not provide any nutritional value. This drink mostly leads people to overeat and create poor food choices. Too much alcohol consumption also leads to belly fat accumulation. If you are experiencing a plateau, it may be best to avoid drinking this addictive substance. Well, you can drink but just small amounts.

7. Track everything you eat

Recording and tracking your food intake will give you accurate information about how much food you have consumed. This strategy will help you decide what diet your body needs or what food should you cut off for the meantime. Moreover, researchers also said that recording your food intake can enhance your efforts in maintaining your weight.

Thanks to advanced technological progress, several user-friendly apps will help you track your food intake daily like Myfitnesspal.

8. Drink green tea instead of coffee

One of the benefits of switching to green tea is that it can help you speed up your metabolism. Experts consider it one of the best fat burners even for people under the plateau. Green tea also has fewer calories compared to coffee.

9. Drink protein shake

Protein shakes are great for losing belly fat without losing your muscles. Cool, right? It also makes our stomach feel fuller for a longer time, even with a small amount of food. Overweight men who take protein shakes have decreased 25% of their total calorie intake. So if you are trying to control your weight, a protein shake is sufficient for you.


You will mostly feel discouraged when during this situation. However, recording your calorie intake, increasing your workout intensity, and having a balanced and healthy diet will still help your body to burn unhealthy calories. Additionally, excellent stress management can also help you overcome your dilemma.

Focusing on being healthy and lean is much essential than losing weight. Honestly, if you only focus on losing weight, it won’t lead to lifelong success. If you regularly give an extra effort to your routine, your scale is sure to start moving backward again!

Have faith, and your weight loss plateau season will be over soon.

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