Battery Replacement For Watches Near Me

By admin May 31, 2023

Button batteries for watches are a bit more complex than the cylinders you might use in your kitchen weight. Watch batteries are built for specific purposes and need different battery types.

Here are a few places where you can get your watch battery replaced near you. You can also check online.


In addition to department stores like JCPenney and Macy’s and jewelry stores such as Kay Jewelers and Zales, many specialty stores such as Batteries Plus Bulbs and Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs will replace watch batteries. Some of these companies offer a mail-in service.

Before you start, make sure that you have the proper tools. You’ll need a screwdriver that fits the small screws on your watch, and you’ll want to wear some dust free latex gloves. You may also need a specialized tool to open the back of your watch, depending on the model.

Opening the back of your watch breaks the seal and gasket that keeps it water-tight, which could lead to corrosive elements entering the inside.

This is why it’s best to take your watch to a professional to have the battery replaced. They’ll also perform a water pressurization test, which ensures that the case is sealed properly. This is especially important for watches that claim to be waterproof.


Watchmakers use specialized tools and equipment to open watch cases and perform other repairs. Their skills and experience are what make them a valuable resource to people who want their watches to work properly, especially when it comes to changing the battery.

Watchmaker training is available through schools and apprenticeships. Those who are looking for an apprenticeship in watchmaking should check with local jewelry stores or department stores to see if they offer such opportunities.

Some department store chains, such as JCPenney and Macy’s, have service departments that will change a watch battery. Likewise, many jewelers, such as Ashcroft & Oak/Rogers & Holland and Kay Jewelers, offer this service. Other options include specialty stores, such as Batteries Plus Bulbs and Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs.

These stores are usually cheaper than watch repair shops. They also provide a guarantee on the new watch battery they install. However, they may not be as convenient if you need to replace the watch battery quickly.


Various department stores and jewelry stores offer Battery replacement for watches near me services. These include Kohl’s, which will change a battery on watches bought at the store. The chain also offers watch repair and maintenance services through its We Fix It counters. They’ll also inspect your watch for water resistance. This service costs $10 to $35.

JCPenney is another retailer that will replace your watch battery. This chain has more than 670 locations in the US. They accept watches from brands such as Ashcroft & Oak and Rogers & Holland. They also have a partnership with Kay Jewelers.

If you want to avoid paying for a watch battery replacement at the store, there are several companies that will mail-in your watches for repair. These companies will inspect the watch for damage and replace the battery. They will also polish the case and test it for water resistance afterward. These services are usually much cheaper than paying for the service at a jewelry store or department store.


The most important thing when replacing a watch battery is to make sure the replacement is exactly the same physical size and chemistry as the original. Otherwise, you risk damaging the watch by exposing the electronics to foreign objects and liquids like water.

A good place to check which battery your watch uses is by consulting its Owner’s Guide or by searching the internet for “watch battery.” A common watch battery is the CR1216 lithium coin cell battery.

Many jewelry stores and department store chains offer watch battery replacements. For example, JC Penny (with 515 locations in the United States) offers watch battery replacements for watches bought at the store. Zales is another chain that offers this service. They also provide a mail-in option.

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