9 Health Benefits of Steady State Cardio

benefits of steady state cardio

Workouts come in different forms and formats, depending on your personal needs and preferences. Certain exercises, for example, are designed to bring about a specific result for a part of your body – such as dumbbells for working on your biceps.

How you approach these exercises also play a huge role in the kind of results you can enjoy. A popular approach taken by many health enthusiasts is steady state cardio. This approach offers exercisers a more stable routine on which to base their workout sessions on.

What is Steady State Cardio?

Steady state cardio is a workout that portrays steady output levels with regard to the amount of energy being expended. This is different from its counterpart – high-intensity interval training, which involves a change of pace and energy output with the various exercises involved. Steady state cardio allows you to develop a stable level of exertion during your sessions like going for a steady paced run.

There are many benefits you can enjoy with the implementation of steady state cardio to your workout routine, some of these include:

  1.    Faster Recovery Period

Something that a lot of people don’t take into consideration is that the effects of a workout don’t dissipate as soon as you walk out of the gym. Your body will still need some adequate time to recover from the efforts of your exertion. Steady state cardio offers you the opportunity to maintain a constant rate of energy expenditure, making it easier for your muscles to recover from the effort applied.

  1.    Maintaining muscle mass

Though HIIT is a great solution for losing weight, steady state cardio is better when you’re looking to maintain your current levels. If you happen to be incorporating a low-calorie diet to your regime, then an excess of strength training coupled with the combination of high-intensity workouts could lead to you losing muscle mass instead.

Coupled with poor recovery time, this could lead to unwanted results regarding the physical outcome. Steady state cardio can avoid these complications by providing more manageable levels of exertion with every session.

  1.    Burning calories

Though high-intensity workouts enable you to burn more calories as compared to steady state cardio – you may not always be able to integrate yourself into such a regime immediately. Moderate levels of exercise can be more applicable for your lifestyle if you practice a more sedentary type of living. Jogging for 30 minutes on a regular basis, for instance, can still help you burn about 300 calories without overly exerting yourself.

  1.    Easy maintenance

The fact that steady state cardio doesn’t involve highly tasking activities that could leave you feeling spent and exhausted means you’re less likely to lose your motivation for such workouts. If you’re just getting into the habit of working out, then starting with a more scaled down approach can be better for your levels of morale – encouraging you to maintain this healthy practice.

  1.    Enhanced aerobic fitness

Another great element about this form of workout is the fact that it enables you to build up your fitness levels, allowing you to enjoy a generally healthier cardiovascular state. Regular routines such as half an hour of running can work wonders for your chest and enhance your ability to breathe easier whilst in the midst of exerting yourself. This can play a significant role in enhancing your overall fitness levels, ensuring you can go through your day without experiencing an immense loss of energy when faced with a busy schedule.

  1.    Improves your endurance levels

The implementation of a regular routine to your steady state cardio workouts can greatly enhance your levels of endurance over time. By using a treadmill five times a week, you can tune your body to being able to run for extended periods or distances over time. This can be a great advantage when you’re preparing for events such as a marathon. Boosted endurance levels is also a sign of improved fitness and health.

  1.    Encourages variety

Steady state cardio can greatly enhance the kind of workouts you implement with your regular routine, as you don’t exert as much energy from one session as compared to HIIT alternatives. With this format, you can extend the periods of your workout without worrying about suffering from burnout in the middle of your regime. Therefore you can combine some slight running with a little bit of jump aerobics without suffering extreme fatigue or exhaustion afterwards.

  1.    Builds up a steady head of steam

As mentioned earlier, if this is your first time participating in an exercise regime, then the kind of workouts you implement could play a role in the way your body is affected. It’s always recommendable to start out slow when introducing your body to new elements. This objective can be easily achieved with steady state cardio sessions, as the stability available in its constant flow can aid help you easier acclimatize to such new conditions.

  1.    Promotes a focused mind state

The fact that steady state cardio involves a regular routine that promotes a stable environment allows your mind frame to get used to such conditions. This can serve to enhance your focus when dealing with other matters, as a result of the attention needed to maintain a steady rate when exercising.

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